Squaw Mountain Ranch 2017 23rd Annual MusicFest

We are looking forward to MusicFest August 17th-20th and a wonderful August that we hope to share with you.

We offer mountain air, warm members and guests; in a family-oriented clothing optional setting. We are in the Cascades adjacent to the Mt. Hood National Forest, sitting at just above 2000 feet in altitude. We have communal bathing, hot tubs, mini-golf, horse shoes, volleyball, swimming -n- sunning at Lake Opal.

And we have Music, this year’s band line-up is:


The Mike Branch Band



Wayne Richards and Southern Nights

The Beacon Street Titans


Susan McDonald Steel Drum Band (tentative)

Franco Paletta and the Stingers

Party of 4

Saturated Phats


Norman Sylvester Band

We have RV and tent camping on the grounds, with water and electricity hookups. You may consider staying in Estacada, around 15 minutes down the road. And then you can drive back to Portland 30 miles away and its many accommodations.

For sustenance, we will offer Thursday Night dinner, brunch and dinners Friday and Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday. Saturday is rib-eye steak night hosted by Demi with Andee & Tom & Crew, on the grills. Meals are very reasonably priced and made by expert cooks.

You’re welcome to stay later on Sunday after our stunning musician friend, Norm Sylvester and band play their gig, for the unofficial ‘take back the camp’’ party.

We hope you will meet Nancy, Lizzard and Gina who run guest services; He-Terry and Rock, our efficient grounds marshals; She-Teri and Sharron with a well-stocked Nude Boutique with nude wear. Do bring some extra money, you will want a wrap, MusicFest t-shirt, jewelry, or a poncho to take home with you.  

Behind the scenes, you’ll find Dave, who’s the mastermind of the whole caboodle, perhaps he’ll be at the redge booth when you arrive. Or after hours registration at his place. Musician, like many of us and our go-to man for smooth moves.

Then there’s Steamy, Steve and Amy, who are membership coordinators as well as safety personnel. Professor-No Pants, the president of SMR, is always somewhere (with his distinctive laugh). You will definitely notice Barry and Vecie, our MC’s for the weekend. We have many more unmentioned volunteers that we must acknowledge, they will be in the ranks and serving you.

We are planning on displaying our wares in our Vendor’s booths. There will be artistic endeavors by members and visiting merchants. We also will have our own Flea Market, with proceeds going to the general good of the Ranch.

Come see our places to name a few:

Hippy House


the Canary Cage


Siren’s Lair

Graybeard’s (temporarily pink)

the Sandcastle

Love Shack.

You’ll see our Lodge and Annex (with games like pool, ping-pong or darts) and a widescreen TV.

Hailing from Sultan WA, Lake Bronson, the now-famous “Party Naked” contingency from our sister-camp North, will be here. Hard to miss as they camp in ‘their’ spot at the entrance, they are very-very friendly and a most welcome group who helps round out the party. They will be hosting a drink concocting competition on Saturday. They have a crazy-good Coconutty drink thing they make.

Many thanks to Ron, our camp elder. He’s been here 30 some odd years; as sweet as the morning sun, a master wood craftsman and loyal to a fault. He has the Hesperia sign on his cabin, which was one of our first names here. Annie is the mastiff who protects his house; short, brown and very Dachshund looking.

Squaw Mountain Ranch’s 23rd Annual Music Festival is scheduled for Thursday, August 17th – Sunday, August 20th, 2017. You can request a registration form by emailing admin@squawmt.com. Call 5036306136 too. You can follow our website link to find the redge form also.

Register for Friday, Saturday and Sunday and pay in full by August 1 to receive a 10% discount ($9 per person) on your registration fees.

Please remember, the forest is fragile; no open flames in or around our camp. Please keep our forests safe.



Naked Snow Man

Hey there, we’re open! Would you like to have a little adventure at around 2o00 feet? Come visit for warm people and hot tubs; showers and civilized lodging.  For the more hardy, tent camping and RV hookups.

Gina’s here, come visit with she and more great folks.gina-and-man